Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Till we meet again

I've already posted a preview on my Facebook page, and now here's the real deal.

I've seen you before, those were the words that ran through my mind the exact moment  you spoke to me. Whether coincidence or chance, it makes no difference. The only thing that matters is the mere meeting that took place between to different people, of both whose worlds would or would not collide. It's just a matter of perspective. Not needing to dwell too much into the matter at hand, it was but a weird few weeks indeed. And though our conversations were very brief and few, you managed to intrigue me. Not just with mere beauty or strife but with the way in which you presented yourself. Though I am not one to judge another simply by a few good conversations and by looks, you mademoiselle have indeed presented yourself very well I must say. Having that said, there's still more than meets the eye. Maybe if we get to know one other in time if it persists, then there might be something more in the making. 

My opportunities were limited given I barely saw you elsewhere if not anywhere for that matter. But you know how life is, nothing's what it seems. I'm just glad that you weren't a figment of my imagination, a never ending  dream or a hallucination of my wildest imaginations. Cause if you were, then I'd be having one heck of a dream. Or maybe it was the drugs? Either way it doesn't matter as long as reality makes sense and is distinguishable from fantasy. Even with so much good and so much hope, there is still a darkness within that lingers in my soul. Various demons that I have yet to conquer, not to mention the past. Vague memories that seem so distant now and yet some memories are better left forgotten. 

There were many things I wanted to say to you but I was kept at bay as though darkness had fully consumed my soul. It's felt as though all hell had broken loose, as if there was a war waged in between us for centuries. I am not one to give up nor one to back down, yet in my weakened state I could not overcome. I was beaten, battered, on the brink of death itself! And yet somehow in the midst of all this chaos and mayhem there was still hope, no matter how small a shimmer it was still hope! It took me days, weeks even and then there it was. The opening I needed, that precise moment when you finally realize that you are the only one standing between humanity and total annihilation. And with that I mustered what I had left and I brought it just like how Dwayne The Rock Johnson would "Bring It". It took me time to realize and understand that no matter how dark your day's can get, if you fight for it then there's nothing that can stand in your way. We all have a darkness inside of us that will try it's very best to consume who we are but if you do not give in and stand your ground! then anything is possible. As does every outcome of battle, wounds must heal and through recovering I actually realized that it wasn't all me in there fighting, but there was also a part of you that I held on to that provided that shimmer of hope I needed. As days go by I stare at the blue sky with it's stars and say to myself " It's a brand new world" and I am stronger than ever.

Present Day:
The last time I saw you It's been two months since the day I first met you, and until now it's the thought of you that keeps me going through this vast wasteland of mindless, selfless puppets. We all have our own demons to fight, and back then I was waging a war of my own. I had my chance back then but it wasn't the rightest of times. Not a single day goes by that I have never regretted that exact moment in time. However, the forces of this universe do indeed have a mind of its own and a part in everything we do. It doesn't matter if you remember me or not, as there is always a good reason for starting over. It make take many months or even years till the day we meet again. Nevertheless, till that very day comes, I will never stop trying, nor will I stop fighting this war if it is the only way to reach you. Keep The Faith!